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Shelves EDMS

Shelves Electronic Document Management System takes a different approach to document management. It stores documents based on the template type which is a more relevant manner to a business. Rather than a sales representative to search for a spreadsheet, he can search based on the template e.g. Invoices. He can alsosearch using the template properties e.g. Invoice Number or Client name or Project name.

Shelves is based on the EPANEL technology and has several configurable options. An unlimited number of documents can be stored. It is also designed with user defined security for template access.

It can be extended to be accessed over the internet even from remote locations. It has been deployed in Insurance and Educational sector.

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Features at a Glance:
  • Easy to setup
  • User-defined Templates
  • Full Index Text Search
  • Document Location Management
  • Template based Security Model
  • Web-based Solution
  • User Defined Access Control
  • Multi-user System