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EPANEL v2 Solutions

Over the years, we have observed that the generic platforms of website content management systems don't meet business requirements. Most of them are bulky and either over-do or do not meet requirements.

This is because of changes on customer behaviour. Business that thrive offer what is uncommon or act uncommonly. Hence, many businesses require a solution that is tailored to suit their specific business needs.

We have developed a set of libraries and tools that facilitate the development of customized solutions. These libraries are like building blocks, we put them together to solve your particular need. The result is a fast and more efficient solution that does precisely what you want it to manage.

We have deployed it for over 10 large scaled organizations across the country in manufacturing, Services and government projects.

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Features at a Glance:
  • Frontend Integration
  • Fast Development from EPANEL Core
  • Customizable Functionality
  • Free 3 months Support
  • Fast and Secure Access
  • User Defined Access Control
  • Multi-user System